3-1A-1: Legal Authority
3-1A-2: Purpose
3-1A-3: Scope
3-1A-4: Definitions
3-1A-5: License Required
3-1A-6: Application For License And Renewal
3-1A-7: Disposition Of Application And Renewal
3-1A-8: Term Of License
3-1A-9: Failure To Disclose Information; Change Of Information
3-1A-10: Disqualifying Crimes Or Circumstances
3-1A-10-1: Tier 1 Businesses
3-1A-10-2: Tier 2 Businesses
3-1A-10-3: Tier 3 Businesses
3-1A-10-4: Driving Businesses And Other Requirements
3-1A-11: Request For Exemption Review
3-1A-12: Notice Of Inability To Proceed
3-1A-13: Transferability
3-1A-14: Consent To Compliance Inspections
3-1A-15: Notice Of Violation
3-1A-16: Notice Of Denial, Revocation Or Suspension
3-1A-17: Denial, Revocation Or Suspension Of License
3-1A-18: Stay Of Suspension Or Revocation
3-1A-19: Emergency Suspension Or Revocation
3-1A-20: Waiting Period Before Becoming Eligible To Reapply After Revocation
3-1A-21: Request For Informal Review By City Clerk's Office
3-1A-22: Informal Review
3-1A-23: Request For Administrative Review By Director
3-1A-24: Administrative Review Hearing
3-1A-25: Review Of Director's Decision
3-1A-26: Authority Of Hearing Officer
3-1A-27: Written Report
3-1A-28: Unlawful Acts
3-1A-29: Responsibilities Of Licensees
3-1A-30: Penalty