A.   Account Initiation: This is a one-time fee that will be assessed upon the initiation of a new account. It will cover the administrative costs associated with performing credit checks and establishing new account information.
   B.   Sewer Inspection Fees: Any person who shall install a trunk or lateral sewer shall pay a sewer inspection fee to cover the costs of inspection of the installation and construction of trunk, branch, lateral and sewer mains and service lines, as well as inspection of the necessary and required service connections, manholes, related structures and appurtenances in accordance with the plans and specifications on file with the Public Works Department, and in accordance with the directions and specifications of the department. In the event sewer inspection is required during any time other than a normal working day, the developer or his contractor shall reimburse the City at rates established by the department.
   C.   Deferral, Waiver, Prepayment And Permit Administrative Fees: Reasonable administrative fees will be charged for the processing of fee deferral and waiver applications, prepayment agreements and the issuance of permits.
   D.   Disconnection And Reconnection Fees: Reasonable fees may be charged to cover all costs of disconnecting and/or reconnecting sewer service that has been terminated because of nonpayment of fees.
   E.   Septage Dumping: A charge shall be imposed for each act of dumping septage, wastewater or effluent to a City wastewater treatment facility. This charge shall be based on the actual gallonage of wastewater dumped as measured by approved measuring devices or according to marked gallonage on the truck. The approved measuring devices shall be calibrated in one hundred (100) gallon increments and charges shall be made to the nearest one hundred (100) gallons. A flat fee for dumping septage, wastewater or effluent after scheduled hours is also imposed.
   F.   Decant Facility Service: A charge shall be imposed for each act of receiving and disposing of sediment and debris from sewers and storm drains into a City decant facility typically collected by means of a vehicle commonly referred to as a hydrocleaner.
   G.   Door Tag Fee: A fee shall be charged for hanging a door tag to warn of sewer service termination for the second and subsequent events to the same customer at the same address. There shall be no charge for the first time a door tag is hung on a property.
   H.   Watershed Program Fee: Reasonable administrative fees may be charged to recover the cost of providing educational programs at the Boise Watershed. (Ord. 23-17, 7-18-2017)