In order to provide for a uniform and equitable treatment of property owners of lands subject to City sewer easement acquisition, and to adequately protect the best interests of the City, the following policies are adopted as procedural guides to be followed in sewer easement acquisition:
   A.   Define and map the proposed easement acquisition;
   B.   Research ownership or obtain a preliminary title policy for the property to be included in the easement;
   C.   Provide each owner of property within the proposed easement a written notice of the City intent to acquire such easement;
   D.   Obtain an "opinion of value" or "appraisal" for the property proposed for easement acquisition;
   E.   Offer the dollar amount stated in the "opinion of value" or "appraised value" to the property owner for purposes of acquisition if the "opinion of value" or "appraised value" is acceptable to the City;
   F.   Conduct good faith negotiations with the property owner if the value offered is rejected; and
   G.   Obtain a final settlement of the easement acquisition purchase or proceed with condemnation action if appropriate. (1952 Code § 8-11-05.10)