A.   Location: All public sewers shall be installed only in the dedicated public streets or alleys or in easements that grant to the City rights that are at least equal to rights it would enjoy in the dedicated streets or alleys.
   B.   Specifications: The size of the sewers required to serve any part of the City shall be determined by the Public Works Department. The slope, depth, alignment and materials of construction of the sewers, as well as the methods to be used in excavation, placing of the pipe, jointing, testing, backfilling the trench and all other work, shall conform to the requirements of this chapter, and any policies and specifications promulgated by the City, as well as laws, rules and regulations of Federal, State and local entities. All phases of public sewer construction shall be inspected and approved by the City.
   C.   Licenses: No person, except plumbers licensed in accordance with the provisions of title 9, chapter 4 of this Code, or contractors having a valid Idaho public works license, shall be authorized to install a public service line. No person except contractors with a valid Idaho public works license shall install a public sewer.
   D.   Private Development Projects: All public sewers required to serve a proposed subdivision or other significant development shall be installed, or caused to be installed, by the subdivider or developer in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
   E.   Ownership Transferred And Maintenance Assumed By City: Upon City issuance of a certificate of final completion, the City shall assume ownership and maintenance of the public sewer. However, the developer shall be responsible for correcting any defects that shall be found or occur within the warranty period. (1952 Code § 8-11-05.06)