A.   Installation: The owner of any property connecting to the City sewer system is responsible for the installation, expense and risk associated with the construction and operation of the private service line. The owner is also responsible for the installation, expense and risk of all other wastewater pipes, machinery, plumbing fixtures and apparatus within the property, which may be required for collecting, treating and discharging wastewater from the premises.
   B.   Maintenance:
      1.   The owner shall be responsible, at owner's expense, for:
         a.   The cleaning, unstopping, maintenance and repair of the private service line, and shall keep the private service line, as well as all pipes, fixtures, appliances and apparatus on the property, watertight and in good working order to prevent discharge of combined wastewater or prohibited substances into the public sewer;
         b.   The replacement of any portion of the private service line which, in the opinion of the Public Works Department, has become so damaged or disintegrated as to be unfit for further use, or is in such condition as to permit infiltration into the wastewater system or exfiltration of wastewater into the surrounding soil; and
         c.   The cleaning, unstopping and maintenance of the public portion of the service line to remove rocks, roots and debris that originated from private property and settled into the public service line. Repair of the public service line will be the responsibility of the City.
      2.   All repairs shall be completed within thirty (30) days after written notification from the Public Works Department. If the owner fails or refuses to complete repairs required by the department, the department may cause the repairs to be completed and charge the owner for the costs of such repairs. If the costs of the repairs are not paid by the owner they may be treated as any other delinquent service fees owed to the City.
   C.   Liability: The City is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by negligence or want of care on the part of the owner, or the contractor of the owner, in installing, maintaining, using or operating private service lines, wastewater pipes, fixtures, appliances and apparatus. The owner shall hold the City harmless from any loss or damage that may be directly, or indirectly, occasioned by the installation or malfunction of any private service line or private appurtenances.
   D.   Compliance: All users shall comply with the limitations and prohibitions placed on the discharge of wastewater from their premises by standards set by, or incorporated by reference in, this chapter, as well as all other requirements of this chapter. No user shall make, or permit another person to make, a connection to such user's private service line which would allow the discharge of wastewater from property not otherwise served by the City sewer system. (1952 Code § 8-11-05.02)