A.   No Permits Issued For Construction Unless In Compliance: No permit shall be issued for the construction of any building or structure in the City on any lot, tract or parcel of land adjoined by a public sewer, unless the plans and specifications show connections which comply with this chapter.
   B.   Sewer Annexation Covenant: Any sewer user located outside the City limits, but within the City area of impact, who connects to the public sewer shall be required to execute a request for annexation on the form provided by the Public Works Department.
   C.   Service Outside City Area Of Impact: Persons outside the City area of impact may request connection to the City sewer system for use of the excess or surplus capacity of the treatment system. Wastewater service may be provided to persons outside the area of impact only if the terms and conditions of the service have been approved by the City Council and the terms and conditions of this chapter and any applicable State or Federal regulations have been satisfied. (1952 Code § 8-11-02.03)
   D.   Septage Hauling: Septage hauled to the City wastewater treatment facilities will comply with the following:
      1.   Vehicles: Any vehicle used for the purpose of transporting or hauling septage, sewage or effluent shall be watertight and airtight.
      2.   Compliance: Every person licensed to transport septage shall comply with all applicable codes and ordinances of the City, and all standards, rules and regulations relating to health and safety prescribed by the Department of Health and Welfare of the State of Idaho, and the Central District Health Department.
      3.   Agreement Required: Septage will not be accepted at any City wastewater treatment facility or any site or facility discharging to a City wastewater treatment facility, except pursuant to a written agreement with the City setting forth discharge terms, including payment of fees, which the City deems reasonable and necessary. (Ord. 16-14, 4-15-2014)