A.   System Policy: Pursuant to the authority granted by title 2, chapter 6 of this Code, the Public Works Commission shall advise the City Council on policy matters pertaining to the wastewater system.
   B.   Authority Of Commission: The commission shall have the authority to:
      1.   Study, evaluate and maintain continuing review and appraisal of the effectiveness of existing and proposed wastewater systems and facilities, programs, policies and activities of the City sewer system to ensure that the systems and facilities are designed, operated and maintained so as to meet the requirements of Federal, State and local bodies;
      2.   Review and recommend the type, location and method of financing the construction, installation, replacement and operation of improvements and extensions to the wastewater system in a manner consistent with Federal, State and local policies and regulations;
      3.   Review and recommend rates and fees for the use of, and the services rendered by, the wastewater system;
      4.   Review and recommend changes or additions to the ordinance regulating the use of wastewater systems; and
      5.   Propose and promulgate, subject to ratification by the City Council, rules and regulations for the control and regulation of wastewater systems and facilities within their control.
   C.   Appeal: Final decisions by the Public Works Department may be appealed to the Public Works Commission pursuant to the requirements set forth in section 10-2-9-8 of this chapter. Final decisions of the Public Works Commission may be appealed to the City Council pursuant to section 10-2-9-9 of this chapter. (1952 Code § 8-11-01.06)