A.   Title: This chapter shall be known as the BOISE CITY SEWER ORDINANCE.
   B.   Objectives: The objectives of this chapter are to:
      1.   Prevent the introduction of pollutants into the wastewater system which will interfere with the operation of the system, contaminate the resulting biosolids, cannot be adequately treated or that would otherwise be incompatible with the wastewater system;
      2.   Set forth uniform requirements for direct and indirect contributors into the wastewater collection and treatment system, and enable the City to comply with all State and Federal laws applicable to the treatment of wastes and discharges of clean and safe water;
      3.   Improve the opportunity to recycle and reclaim wastewaters and biosolids from the system; and
      4.   Provide for equitable distribution, among users, of the cost of the wastewater system. (1952 Code § 8-11-01.04)