A.   Payment: All service charges, fees and assessments, including any legally established franchise fees, not paid within thirty (30) days after the due date shall be considered delinquent. By the second Monday of July of each year in which the assessments are levied, the City Treasurer shall enter all delinquent assessments and penalties on the assessment roll, which entry shall be dated as of July 1 of each year. By the third Monday of July of each year in which the assessments were levied, the Treasurer shall certify to the City Clerk both the collected and the delinquent assessments. The City Treasurer must compile an alphabetical list of the delinquent assessments by the fourth Monday of July and shall file a certified copy of the delinquency list with the County Recorder also on or before the fourth Monday of July.
   B.   Disconnection: The following may be a basis for the disconnection of users of the Municipal irrigation system:
      1.   Nonpayment of charges, fees and assessments when due and owing.
      2.   Illegal connection to the system.
      3.   When necessary for the protection of the public health and safety.
      4.   Cross connection to a potable water system.
   C.   Lien: All assessments levied by the City constitute liens and shall be collected in accordance with the provisions of Idaho Code title 50, chapter 18.
   D.   Disconnect And Reconnect Fees: The City Council may, by resolution, establish fees for the disconnection and reconnection of users to the Municipal irrigation system. (1952 Code § 8-16-07)