The following words and phrases used in this chapter shall have the following meanings unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:
BOISE CITY AREA OF CITY IMPACT: The area defined in section 11-01-07 of this Code.
CITY: The City of Boise City.
IRRIGATION COMMISSION: A recommendatory body to assist the Mayor and Council to effectuate and establish the policy and standards for irrigation systems required in residential development in the Boise City impact area.
IRRIGATION ENTITY: In accordance with Idaho Code section 31-3805, an irrigation entity is an existing irrigation district, or other canal company, ditch association or like irrigation water delivery entity.
IRRIGATION PURPOSES: The use of water for lawns, gardens, pastures, parks, greenbelts, golf courses and open space.
IRRIGATION WATER: Nonpotable water used for irrigation purposes.
MUNICIPAL IRRIGATION FUND: In accordance with Idaho Code section 50-1806, a separate fund which will be the repository for City fees, assessments and charges arising from the operation of the Boise City municipal irrigation system.
NONPOTABLE WATER: Water which does not conform to drinking water quality standards.
PERSON: Any individual, corporation, partnership, association, firm, public agency or any other legal entity.
POTABLE WATER: Water which conforms to drinking water quality standards.
PRESSURE IRRIGATION SYSTEM: A system that delivers irrigation water under pressure through a closed distribution piping system.
SEPARATE IRRIGATION SYSTEM: A system of ditches, piping and water sources for delivery of irrigation water that is separate and independent of the potable water system.
USER: Any consumer of water from the Boise City municipal irrigation system.
WATER: When the term water is used in this chapter without the prefix irrigation or potable, it shall refer to both irrigation and potable water.
WATER RIGHTS: The legal right to divert and beneficially use the public waters of the State of Idaho where such right is evidenced by a decree, a permit or a license issued by the Idaho Department of Water Resources, a beneficial or constitutional use right evidenced by an adjudication claim or claim based on Idaho Code section 42-243, or a right based on Federal law.
WATER STOCK: The document which is evidence of ownership in an irrigation entity. This term has no application to irrigation districts because irrigation districts are quasi-governmental entities who do not offer any form of ownership to the owners of land within the irrigation district. (1952 Code § 8-16-03)