In addition to any other remedies under this chapter, a person or permit holder in violation of this chapter may be subject to administrative enforcement procedures. The administrative enforcement procedures are not a prerequisite to any other remedy under this chapter and if administrative enforcement is undertaken, any of the following procedures may be utilized regardless of the order in which they appear in this section:
   A.   Verbal Warning; Notification: If an authorized enforcement agent determines a violation is occurring or has occurred, the permit holder or the designated responsible person may be notified by a verbal warning, correction notice or notice of violation. Notification shall contain a description of the required corrective action and provide a time period in which the corrective action must be completed. A correction notice will not require a signature from the owner; however, a notice of violation shall require the signature of the owner of the site or an agent representing the owner.
   B.   Stop Work Order: If the corrective action requested in a correction notice or notice of violation is not completed in the specified time period, a stop work order may be issued. The authorized enforcement agent shall determine the extent of the order, which may include all work except the corrective action. Once a correction notice and/or a notice of violation have been issued to a permit holder, if continuous violations occur on the permitted project, stop work orders or a citation may be issued without further issuance of a correction notice or notice of violation. The permit holder may be requested by the Director to respond in writing to multiple violations.
   C.   Forced Corrective Action: If no reasonable effort at corrective action is made, or if necessitated by emergency, the Director or authorized enforcement agent may cause the corrective action to be performed and shall assess the actual and administrative costs of such performance against the property owner.
   D.   Work Without Permit, Illicit Discharges: A stop work order may be issued at any time if work is being done without a valid, current permit or if an illicit discharge has occurred.
   E.   Administrative Costs: Administrative costs may be assessed to the property owner if any administrative enforcement action is undertaken.
   F.   Repeated, Subsequent Violations: Any repeated or subsequent violation by any individual of this chapter may result in the immediate issuance of a stop work order and/or initiation of any enforcement action as provided for by this chapter. (Ord. 48-14, 12-16-2014, eff. 1-1-2015)