1305.06 BOND.
   Any person applying for a demolition or construction permit shall deposit a bond with the City of Blue Ash. The amount of the bond shall be established in a fee schedule adopted by City Council. Should the City Manager or designee cause a nuisance to be abated or detritus originating from the permitted property to be cleaned from any public way, the cost of such action shall be deducted from the bond on deposit. If the cost of such action exceeds the amount of the bond, the balance of such cost shall be immediately paid by the applicant or certified by the Clerk to the Hamilton County Auditor who shall place the cost upon the tax duplicate to be collected as other taxes and returned to the City. Any remaining funds on deposit with the City at the conclusion of the project shall be refunded after the certificate of occupancy has been issued.
(Ord. 2017-9. Passed 8-10-17.)