Fire apparatus access roads shall be provided, designed, built, and maintained in accordance with this paragraph.
   (a)    The following sections of Appendix D of the 2017 edition of the Ohio Fire Code are adopted as mandatory provisions.
      (1)    D104 Commercial and Industrial Developments
      (2)    D105 Aerial Fire Apparatus Access Roads
      (3)    D106 Multiple-Family Residential Developments
      (4)    D107 One- or two-family dwelling residential developments
      Exception: If site restrictions limit the ability to meet remoteness and width requirements, the Fire Chief or his/her designee may approve alternate designs that meet the intent of the rule.
   (b)    Required Access.
      (1)    Apparatus access roads in excess of 150' shall be provided with a turnaround meeting one of the following design requirements:
         A.    Designed in accordance with any option shown in Figure D103.1 of the 2017 edition of the Ohio Fire Code.
         B.    Designed so as to accommodate the turning requirements of the largest piece of Blue Ash fire apparatus required to have access. If requested, a tum analysis shall be provided showing the turnaround will function as intended.
      (2)    Apparatus access roads shall be designed to carry the weight of the heaviest piece of Blue Ash apparatus that is required to have access in any weather condition.
      (3)    Fire apparatus access roads shall be kept clear of snow and ice.
         (Ord. 2019-7. Passed 9-12-19.)