Permits shall be in accordance with Section 105 of the Ohio Fire Code.
   (a)    Mandatory Permits. The Fire Code official shall issue permits that are defined as mandatory in the Ohio Fire Code. This includes permits for: explosive storage, flammable and combustible liquid tanks, Ammonium Nitrate and exhibition of fireworks.
   (b)    Underground Storage Tanks. The City of Blue Ash is an Ohio BUSTR designated authority and issues all permits related to the same. A certified underground storage tank inspector employed by the City of Blue Ash and certified/licensed through the State Fire Marshall's office will conduct inspections and issue permits.
   (c)    Discretionary Permits. The Fire Code official shall issue permits for the following operational purposes: Amusement buildings, open burns, fire hydrant and valves, aerosol products, compressed gas, cryogenic gas, LP gas, industrial ovens, temporary fuel storage (90 days or more), removal of fire alarms, sprinkler systems, standpipes, fire pumps, and/or life safety systems from service, and demolition where a building permit is not required but fire suppression systems or fire alarms are present.
   (d)    Fees. The Fire Chief or designee of the Fire Chief shall maintain a fee schedule for permits and inspections, which may be amended from time to time by the Fire Chief or the designee.
      (Ord. 2019-7. Passed 9-12-19.)