(a)   Hydrants shall be placed not more than 400 feet apart, measured on the main, and not more than 400 feet from the main opening in any building. The main opening shall be defined, as the entryway fire suppression crews would normally enter a building in the event of an emergency in the building with no specified entryway to enter.
   (b)   All fire hydrants shall meet Cincinnati Water Works water standards of two (2), two and one-half (2½) inch hose nozzles, and one (1), four (four) inch steamer nozzle The bottom of the lowest discharge shall be set at a minimum height of twelve (12) inches and maximum height of eighteen (18) inches above finished grade. Steamer nozzles must face the nearest roadway or drive.
   Exception: Where the curb is thirty-six (36) inches or closer to the nozzle outlets, the height of the hydrant shall be set from the higher of the curb or finished grade.
   (c)   All fire hydrants installed within the City shall match current makes, and when feasible, current models, currently installed throughout the City. Current makes include: Mueller and Kennedy.
   (d)   Contractors requesting to use hydrants within the City shall first obtain a permit from the Fire Department. Contractors are responsible for water used and for pumping hydrants dry after each use. Failure to comply with this section may result in a citation and denial of future use of hydrants within the City.
   (e)   All new and replacement fire hydrants shall be equipped with a five (5) inch Storz hose connection at the steamer outlet.
(Ord. 2017-10. Passed 8-10-17.)