(a)   The following structures, as determined by the Fire Chief or the Fire Code Official, shall be equipped with a key lock box at a location approved by the Fire Code.
      (1)   Any structure, excepting one and two family dwellings, protected in whole or part by a fire alarm, sprinkler, and/or suppression system.
      (2)   Multi-family residential structures that have restricted access through locked doors and have a common corridor for access to the living units.
   (b)   The key lock box shall be mounted at a height with the base at least thirty-six (36) inches from the ground and the top of the box no higher than seventy-two (72) inches from the ground.
   (c)   All newly constructed structures subject to this section shall have the key lock box installed and operational prior to occupancy. All structures in existence on the effective date of this section and subject to this section shall comply by installing a key lock box installed and operational by December 31, 2007.
   (d)   The Fire Chief or Fire Code Official shall designate the type of key lock box system to be implemented within the City and shall have the authority to require all structures to use the designed system.
   (e)   The owner/operator of a structure required to have a key lock box shall, at all times, maintain keys in the lock box that will allow complete access to all areas of the structure and any special building systems (elevator control, smoke exhaust systems, etc). Keys shall be marked identifying the area(s) of the structure to which they provide access. Owners/Operators must contact the fire department within twenty-four (24) hours of a key/lock change to arrange to have keys within the box updated.
   (f)   The Fire Chief or Fire Code Official shall be authorized to implement rules and regulations for the use of the lock box system.
(Ord. 2017-10. Passed 8-10-17.)