(a)   No land or building in any district shall be used or occupied in any manner so as to create any dangerous, injurious, noxious or otherwise objectionable fire, explosive or other hazards including possible potential hazards, noise or vibration, smoke, dust, odor or other form of air pollution, heat, cold, dampness, electrical or other substance, condition or element in such a manner or in such amount as to adversely affect the surrounding area or adjoining premises; provided that any use permitted by the Zoning Code (Chapters 1121 to 1149 of the Codified Ordinances) may be undertaken and maintained if it conforms to the regulations of this section limiting dangerous and objectionable elements at the point of the determination of their existence.
   (b)   The standards of performance under this chapter shall apply uniformly to all uses even though nonindustrial uses are unlikely to be in conflict therewith.
   (c)   Standards of performance imposed by any other ordinance or Federal or State law which are not expressly mentioned herein shall also govern. All standards covered within this chapter or imposed otherwise which refer to Federal or State law or regulations include such standards as exist at the time of adoption of this chapter, and as may be amended by Federal or State action in the future.
   (d)   The determination of the existence of any dangerous and/or objectionable elements shall be made at the location of the use creating the same and at any points where the existence of such elements may be more apparent.
(Ord. 89-75. Passed 11-9-89.)