All shall be equipped with which are visible to passengers at all times. After sundown, the face of the shall be illuminated. It shall be operated mechanically by a mechanism of standard design and construction, driven either from the transmission or from one of the front wheels by a flexible and permanently attached driving mechanism. It shall be sealed at all points and connections where manipulation would affect correct reading and recording. Each shall have thereon a flag or switch to denote when the vehicle is employed or not employed. It shall be the duty of the driver to throw the flag or switch into a nonrecording position at the termination of each trip. The license examiner or designated employee is hereby authorized to inspect any meter with or without complaint of any . Upon discovery of any inaccuracy therein, the operating said shall be notified to cease operation; and said shall be kept off the highways until the is repaired and in the required working condition.
(Ord. 89-52, passed 10-2-1989; Ord. 91-14, passed 2-25-1991; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995)