Within a reasonable period following the license application verification process, the shall accept or deny the license application after considering the following.
   (a)   If the finds that the applicant is fit, willing and able to perform such public transportation and to conform to the provisions of this Division U, the shall grant a license stating the name and address of the applicant and the number of vehicles authorized under said license; otherwise, the application shall be denied.
   (b)   In making the above finding, the shall take into consideration the character, experience and responsibility of the applicant.
   (c)   The shall issue a numbered identification tag which shall be displayed upon the rear exterior of each licensed vehicle at all times during the license period.
   (d)   All shall be equipped with radios capable of two-way voice communication with the company’s base station radio from all locations within the city limits. Every driver of a shall monitor such radio on the company’s assigned radio frequency at all times and the radio shall be in operation at all times that the vehicle is available for service or in service. Every company operating licensed under the provisions of this Division U shall provide 24-hour service and 24-hour radio dispatch capabilities within the city.
(Ord. 87-31, passed 4-27-1987; Ord. 91-14, passed 2-25-1991; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995; Ord. 2009-29, passed 9-14-2009)