The City Council makes the following findings regarding the need to license and regulate operating .
   (a)   Because solicitation entails the procuring of orders for goods and services to be provided to a consumer at a future date, consumer protection regulations are necessary. By licensing as herein prescribed, consumer complaints can be forwarded to the permanent address of the licensed conducting the temporary business .
   (b)   Because can have access to private residential properties, criminal background checks of and the regulation of hours of operation are warranted. Burglars and thieves frequently pose as , either in order that they have a pretense to discover whether a house is empty and therefore ripe for burglary or for the purpose of viewing the premises, its layout, security or lack thereof, as well as the property contained thereon so that they may return later to burglarize or steal.
   (c)   Because solicitation can entail the use of public rights-of-way, provisions prescribing safety practices and hours of operation are necessary.
   (d)   Persons in their homes have a greater expectation of privacy and to be free from the intrusive nature of a stranger demanding their personal attention at their threshold during the non-daylight or non-business hours.
(1958 Code, § 142.39)  (Ord. 35, passed 3-9-1954; Ord. 67-16, passed 4-17-1967; Ord. 74-110, passed 11-18-1974, renumbered to § 142.37; Ord. 93-22, passed 4-26-1993; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995; Ord. 2003-61, passed 12-15-2003)