(a)   Each license under this Division M shall be issued to the applicant only and shall not be transferable to any other . No licensee shall loan, sell, give or assign a license to another . A license issued under this Division M is for the and premises named on the approved license application, only at the permanent place of business designated on the license. However, upon written request, the may approve an off-site, locked and secured storage facility. No transfer of a license shall be permitted from place-to-place or from -to- , except in the case in which an existing licensee is merely changing a business or corporate name or changing their corporate structure so long as there is no change in the ownership or control of the business or function. All licenses issued under this Division M must be posted in a conspicuous place on the premises for which it issued.
   (b)   A licensee under this Division M must immediately notify the of the following:
      (1)   A change in the corporate or organization officers listed in the license application;
      (2)   Any changes in the partnership agreement;
      (3)   A change of the managing partner, store or general manager, proprietor or other who is in charge of the licensed premises; and
      (4)   Any change in the ownership of an establishment licensed under this Division M, including any acquisition of an interest in the partnership, corporation or other organization by any not identified in the license application.
   (c)   When an establishment licensed under this Division M is sold or transferred, the licensee shall immediately notify the of the sale or transfer. If the establishment that is sold or transferred is to continue in the business of , the new owner must immediately apply for an appropriate license under this Division M. In addition, a management agreement, which covers the period between the sale or transfer and the issuance of the new owner’s license, shall be executed between the existing licensee and the new owner within 20 days following the sale or transfer. The management agreement shall vest control of all of the business in the existing licensee or a manager responsible to the existing licensee. The agreement shall be approved by the City Council.
   (d)   A management agreement shall be required of any licensed whose business is being managed or operated by a other than the licensee or an employee of the licensee. No other than the licensee or an employee of the licensee shall be permitted to manage or operate an establishment licensed under this Division M until the City Council has reviewed and approved the management agreement and any amendments thereto.
(1958 Code, § 154.03)  (Ord. 37, passed 8-7-1961; Ord. 41, passed 9-6-1961; Ord. 81-32, passed 7-27-1981; Ord. 87-77, passed 10-16-1987; Ord. 92-36, passed 7-27-1992; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995; Ord. 97-16, passed 5-5-1997; added by Ord. 98-27, passed 6-15-1998; Ord. 2007-18, passed 5-7-2007)