All commercial and noncommercial shall meet the following requirements.
   (a)   Water supply. An adequate water supply shall be provided by the licensee from the municipal water system. The water service pipe extending from the water main to the water meter and internal water supply system shall be sufficient to provide a normal supply of water for a minimum of two-thirds of the washing machines at any one period.
   (b)   Sewage disposal. Sewage shall be disposed of in a city sanitary sewage system. The drainage system shall be constructed in accordance with the provisions of this code.
   (c)   Lighting. Lighting on the working surfaces and throughout the operating area of the establishment shall be a minimum of 30 footcandles. If the establishment is to be open to the public during the hours of darkness, artificial lighting shall be provided.
   (d)   Ventilation and gas piping. Ventilation shall be in accordance with the provisions of this code with a minimum temperature of 65°F at a point five feet from the floor level, and there shall be at least four complete changes of fresh air per hour. All heating equipment shall be provided with sufficient fresh air to maintain proper combustion. Carbon monoxide and other injurious gases shall not be allowed to accumulate. Heating, ventilating, gas and electrical controls shall be enclosed in such a manner as to be inaccessible to patrons. All installations shall be in accordance with the provisions and standards prescribed by this code.
   (e)   Walls, ceilings and floors. The walls, ceilings and floors of such an establishment shall be constructed of materials which may be easily cleaned. The finish of the floor shall be of such a type as to prevent slipping and shall be sloped at least one-fourth-inch per lineal foot to facilitate the drainage of water. There shall be at least one floor drain for each 400 square feet of floor space. Floor drains shall be provided in all rooms housing water heating and treatment equipment.
   (f)   Plenum chambers. Plenum chambers shall be constructed as follows.
      (1)   No combustible material shall be permitted within 18 inches of top and sides of dryers. Wallboards with paper surfaces shall be considered to be combustible.
      (2)   The inside surfaces of walls and ceilings forming plenum chamber shall be covered with material having a one hour fire resistance rating when combustible framing members are used.
      (3)   An unobstructed space of at least 24 inches at the rear of each dryer to permit servicing and maintenance shall be provided.
      (4)   The floor in the plenum chamber shall be covered with 26 gauge (minimum) galvanized sheet metal over asbestos paper, unless floor is of Type I construction as defined in the Building Code.
      (5)   Ventilation shall be provided and plans therefor shall be submitted to the Building and Inspection Division and subject to the approval of the said division.
      (6)   Walls and ceiling, where there is occupancy overhead, shall be constructed so that they have a one hour fire resistance rating.
   (g)   Aisles. The minimum aisle width shall be four feet.
   (h)   Service areas. Service areas or crawl spaces for the servicing of equipment shall be a minimum of 24 inches.
   (i)   Cleanliness. All washers, spin dryers and other equipment shall be kept clean. The exterior and interior of the establishment shall be kept clean and free of accumulations of refuse, debris and discarded materials.
   (j)   Safety switches. Each piece of equipment installed in the establishment shall be designed in such a manner as to prevent harm to the user during any of the operating cycles and shall be equipped with shut-off switches which shall operate when doors or covers are opened.
   (k)   Refuse storage. Refuse containers shall be provided in sufficient number to store the refuse which accumulates on the premises.
   (l)   Number of work tables. Work tables shall be provided and shall be a minimum of 32 inches from the floor. The surface of such tables shall be of a type which is easily cleaned and shall be smoothly surfaced.
   (m)   Display of license. The licensee shall cause the license to be displayed in a conspicuous place on the licensed premises.
(1958 Code, § 150.07)  (Ord. 170, passed 12-4-1951; Ord. 75-3, passed 1-13-1975; Ord. 87-77, passed 10-16-1987; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995; Ord. 2001-46, passed 11-19-2001)