(a)   Verification. The application for license under this Division E shall be submitted to the at least seven working days prior to the commencement of any business or sales in the city by the , or . The is empowered to conduct any and all investigations to verify the information on the application, including ordering a computerized criminal history inquiry and/or a driver’s license history inquiry on the applicant.
   (b)   Consideration. Within a reasonable period of time after the completion of the license verification process by the , the shall accept or deny the license in accordance with this Division E. If the application is denied, the shall notify the applicant of the determination in writing. The notice shall be mailed by regular mail to the applicant at the address provided in the application and it shall inform the applicant of the applicant’s right, within 20 days after receipt of the notice by the applicant to request an appeal of the determination to the City Council. If an appeal is timely received, the Council hearing shall take place within 20 days.
(1958 Code, § 138.03)  (Ord. 70, passed 1-1-1956; Ord. 74-106, passed 11-18-1974; Ord. 80-55, passed 12-15-1980; Ord. 87-77, passed 10-16-1987; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995; amended by Ord. 98-7, passed 3-2-1998; Ord. 2008-15, passed 5-5-2008)