§ 14.147  PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this Division B is to prescribe time, place and manner licensing requirements for the placement of and upon any within the , which protect and promote the public health, safety, welfare by:
   (a)   Eliminating potential hazards to motorists and pedestrians using the public streets, sidewalks and rights-of-way;
   (b)   Safeguarding and enhancing property values;
   (c)   Protecting government investments in public buildings, streets, sidewalks, traffic control and utility devices, parks and public facilities already in place on or near the rights-of-way;
   (d)   Protecting the from unnecessary exposure to personal injury and property damage claims;
   (e)   Preserving and improving the appearance of the through adherence to aesthetic principles, in order to create a community that is attractive to residents and to nonresidents who come to live, visit, work or trade;
   (f)   Eliminating clutter along the streets, roadways, highways and rights-of-way within the ;
   (g)   To encourage and which by their design are integrated with and harmonious to the surrounding environment and the buildings and sites they occupy; and
   (h)   To avoid arbitrary and unnecessary curtailment of freedom of speech and press.
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