§ 14.84.03  STANDARDS.
   (a)   Location and traffic safety.
      (1)    is not allowed on a surface that is visible from any point on a city, county, or state roadway or highway open to through traffic that is within 400 feet of the . Visibility shall be determined by the city.
      (2)    is only allowed in the South Loop District, which is defined as the area of the City of Bloomington located to the east of Trunk Highway 77.
      (3)    shall be oriented towards a designated viewing area where pedestrians, not vehicular traffic, are the intended audience. View of the display from a public roadway shall be incidental at most.
      (4)    is prohibited behind any approach to a city, county, or state roundabout or signalized intersection extending 150 feet either side of the curb line for a distance of 500 feet when visible from any lane within 100 feet on the approach to said intersection, as depicted in the following graphic. Visibility shall be determined by the city.
      (5)     shall not contain the words "STOP," "LOOK," "ACCIDE NT," "DANGER ," "TURN," or any other words that command driver attention, direct motorists, or could be confused with traffic control directives.
      (6)    shall not use shapes, colors, or messages in combinations that could be confused with a traffic signal, stop sign, yield sign, speed limit sign, or any other official traffic control device as defined by the current edition of the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MNMUTCD).
   (b)   Duration. shall not occur for longer than ten consecutive days.
   (c)   Frequency.  shall not occur more than once per in any 12-month period.
   (d)   Special events.  shall occur only in conjunction with an event for which a permit has been obtained under Division E.
   (e)   Viewing areas.  A designated area with a reasonable amount of space for the anticipated number of attendees to safely view the must be provided.
   (f)   FAA approval. The applicant is responsible for identifying and obtaining any required Federal Aviation Administration approvals.
(Ord. 2017-19, passed 6-5-2017)