The Chief of Police of the city is hereby authorized and directed to promulgate and to amend from time to time regulations for the operation of rifle ranges, trap ranges and target ranges in the city. Rules and regulations pertaining to archery ranges shall be issued by the Chief of Police and the Manager of Parks and Recreation. The regulations shall be such that the ranges so regulated will result in maximum safety to the residents and property of the city and will result in minimizing the nuisance factors of such ranges. Such regulations shall become effective upon posting a copy thereof upon a bulletin board in the City Hall.
(1958 Code, § 120.06)  (Ord. 69, passed 8-15-1955; Ord. 83, passed 7-2-1956; Ord. 89-A, passed 9-24-1956; Ord. 90, passed 10-1-1956; Ord. 70-8, passed 2-16-1970; Ord. 70-31, passed 7-6-1970; Ord. 75-2, passed 1-6-1975; Ord. 83-12, passed 5-2-1983; Ord. 85-64, passed 12-23-1985; Ord. 88-62, passed 11-7-1988; Ord. 93-27, passed 5-24-1993; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995)