(a)   Prohibition. Cross connections between the city water system and other systems, or equipment containing water or other substances of unknown or questionable safety are prohibited, except when and where, as approved by the Utility Division, suitable protective devices such as break tanks, reduced pressure zone backflow preventers, or their equal, are installed, tested and maintained, to ensure proper operation on a continuing basis. Such protective devices may be required on any water service when, in the opinion of Utility Division, a condition exists that could result in the back-siphoning into the water system of any water or other substance of unknown or questionable safety. When a reduced pressure zone backflow preventer is installed, an annual fee will be charged to administer the testing and record keeping for the device as required by the current State Plumbing Code.
   (b)   Disconnection of service. When cross connections are found to exist, the city will notify the owner to disconnect the cross connections and if not done immediately, the city water supply shall be turned off and it shall remain off until the cross connection is removed and the fittings sealed so as to prevent reconnection after service is restored.
   (c)   New connection. Before any new connection to the city system is permitted, the Utility Division shall ascertain that no cross connection will exist when the new connection is made.
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