The following words and terms, when used in this Division A, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
   CONTRACT. An agreement entered into by the city for the sale of supplies, materials or other , equipment or the rental thereof, or the construction, alteration, repair or maintenance of or .
   DISPOSE OF. To sell, alienate, to finish with, bargain away or otherwise convey or transfer ownership, but not including destruction of waste materials or the sale of supplies and materials or other properties by the city in the course of a service being performed by the city in the ordinary scope of its municipal function.
   FORFEITED PROPERTY. All where all right, title and interest thereto has been acquired by the city pursuant to state law authorizing the forfeiture of motor vehicles and/or other which have been used in the commission of certain designated offenses in violation of either the criminal code, M.S. Chapter 609 or M.S. Chapters 169 through 169A, as they may be amended from time to time.
   PERSONAL PROPERTY. All property that is not , and other than the property that has come into the hands of the Police Department through impoundment.
   REAL PROPERTY. Land and its permanently affixed buildings or other structures, together with its improvements and its natural assets, such as minerals, crops, waters and with the inclusion of corporeal or incorporeal rights that follow ownership of the land and with the interests in such rights.
   SET OF ITEMS. More than one item of the same kind that belongs or are used together such that each item would suffer a reduction in value if separated from the other(s).
(1958 Code, § 86.02)  (Ord. 68-90, passed 11-4-1968; Ord. 2000-19, passed 6-19-2000)