(a)   A Cemetery Fund shall be maintained which shall be comprised of the monies in the following accounts:
      (1)   Permanent Care and Maintenance Account: Statutory reserve account for use in the long- term care and maintenance of the City Cemetery and the lots and niches therein. This fund shall not exceed the maximum of $25,000 per acre or what is currently set forth in M.S. § 306.41(a), as it may be amended from time to time, whichever amount is greater.
      (2)   Land Acquisition Account: Account for the acquisition of additional cemetery lands and for the reacquisition of unused cemetery lots and niches.
      (3)   Capital Improvement Account: Account for use in the general maintenance, improvement and recordkeeping of the City Cemetery and the lots and niches therein.
   (b)   All sums received for deposit to the credit of these accounts shall be kept, managed and administered by the city’s Finance Officer.
   (c)   Balances in accounts which are not used in any given year shall remain in said accounts.
   (d)   A report showing in detail how Cemetery Fund monies were expended in the preceding calendar year shall be included in the annual financial report of the city.
(1958 Code, § 77.04)  (Ord. 5, passed 5-26-1953; Ord. 82-45, passed 11-8-1982; Ord. 2014-13, passed 9-22-2014)