§ 4.18  PENALTIES.
   (a)   Original deficiency. Any licensee failing to make payment within the 25-day period specified in § 4.16(c) of this Article II shall be required to pay a penalty of 5% of the tax amount remaining unpaid. The amount of said tax not timely paid, together with said penalty, shall bear interest at the rate of 12% per annum, from the time such tax should have been paid, until paid. Any interest and penalty shall be added to the tax and be collected as a part thereof.
   (b)   Continuing deficiency. If payment of the tax and the 5% penalty imposed under subsection (a) above is not paid within 30 days as of the date the tax is due as specified in § 4.16(c) of this Article II, an additional 10% penalty shall be imposed upon the amount of tax due plus the original deficiency penalty of 5%.
      If the delinquency continues beyond 30 days after the tax is due as specified in § 4.16(c) of this Article II, the City Attorney may commence such action necessary to collect the tax penalties due.
   (c)   Abatement of penalties. The City Manager shall have the power to abate penalties when, in his or her opinion, their enforcement would be unjust and inequitable. All requests for abatement of penalties shall be in writing and shall set forth the reasons for the failure to file the report and pay the tax timely. The City Manager shall report all penalty abatements to the City Council at the next regular City Council meeting.
(Ord. 86-43, passed 7-21-1986)