The following words and terms when used in this Article I shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
   ENTERTAINMENT EVENT. Any event for which persons pay money in order to be admitted to the premises and to be entertained including, but not limited to, theaters and sporting events.
   HOTEL. The furnishing, for a consideration, of lodging and related services by a hotel, rooming house, tourist court, motel or trailer camp and the granting of any similar license to use real property other than the licensing or leasing thereof for a continuous period of 30 days or more.
   OPERATOR. The person who is the proprietor of the or establishment providing the entertainment whether in the capacity of owner, lessee, sublessee, licensee or any other capacity as an operator.
   RELIGIOUS. The purpose for which an institution is organized; that organization being one which conducts worship services at regular intervals in a structure owned, leased or borrowed for that purpose and organizations affiliated with or related thereto which exist exclusively for the furtherance of the religious purposes of the institution.
(1958 Code, § 210.02) (Ord. 69-82, passed 9-29-1969; Ord. 76-44, passed 9-13-1976; Ord. 83-54, passed 12-5-1983; Ord. 98-18, passed 4-20-1998)