After the budget resolution has been adopted, the council has no power to increase the amounts fixed in the budget resolution beyond the estimated revenues, but if the actual receipts exceed the estimates, the council can increase the amounts up to the actual receipts. The council by resolution of a majority can reduce the sums appropriated for any purpose in the budget resolution, or by a resolution approved by five members authorize the transfer of sums needed for other purposes from unencumbered balances of appropriations in the budget. The city manager can make transfers of sums within the major expense classifications in a department or division. However, the city manager cannot transfer appropriations between major expense classifications in a department or division nor can the city manager transfer appropriations between departments or divisions without council approval.
(Section 7.08 amended by Ord. 88-51, passed 7-25-1988; Ord. 2004-8, passed 4-5-2004; Ord. 2011-15, passed 6-20-2011)