The city manager must prepare estimates for the annual budget. The budget must be classified by funds. The council can establish or dissolve any fund, except the general fund. Estimates of expenditures for each fund must be appropriated to each department or division where necessary and classified according to generally accepted accounting procedures, with at least the following detail being shown:
      (1)   ordinary operating expenses (for operation, maintenance, and repairs) subdivided into: (a) salaries and wages; (b) other detailed expenses;
      (2)   payment of principal and interest on bonds and other fixed charges;
      (3)   capital outlays (for new construction, new equipment, and all improvements of a permanent character).
   All increases and decreases in expenditures must be clearly shown by indicating the amounts appropriated and the amounts expended in the previous fiscal year and the amounts appropriated and the estimated amounts to be expended for the current fiscal year. There must also be shown a statement of revenues that have accrued and the sources of revenues for the last fiscal year and for the current and ensuing fiscal years, including estimates. The estimates must be transmitted to the council at its first regular monthly meeting in September and be made public. The city manager can submit explanatory statements with the estimates.
(Section 7.05 amended by Ord. 88-51, passed 7-25-1988; Ord. 2004-8, passed 4-5-2004; Ord. 2011-15, passed 6-20-2011; Ord. 2017-27, passed 7-24-2017)