The council must award every contract for the purchase of merchandise, materials, or equipment or for any kind of construction work or repair or maintenance of real or personal property where the estimated price is an amount at which competitive bidding is required by state law only to the lowest responsible bidder upon the recommendation of the city manager, unless the council otherwise provides by a resolution adopted by a vote of at least five members and published once in the official legal newspaper of the city. The council can, however, reject any and all bids. Consistent with the provisions of the charter, the council can adopt further regulations by ordinance for the making of bids and the awarding of contracts. Each contract the council makes must conform with the state law and city ordinances.
(Section 6.08 amended by Ord. 75-30, passed 5-27-1975; Ord. 87-53, passed 8-3-1987; Ord. 88-42, passed 6-6-1988; Ord. 92-55, passed 10-19-1992; Ord. 2001-48, passed 11-19-2001; Ord. 2004-8, passed 4-5-2004)