The city manager is the chief purchasing agent of the city. The city manager can make or let contracts for the purchase or lease of merchandise, materials, or equipment, if budgeted or for any kind of construction work, repair or maintenance of real or personal property or personal services upon adoption of an ordinance setting the amount of such contracts which must not exceed the amount at which competitive bids are required by the Uniform Municipal Contracting Law, Minnesota Statutes, Section 471.345, as may be amended from time to time. The council must adopt the ordinance by an affirmative vote of all of its members. The council makes or lets all other purchases and contracts. The city manager must make or let each contract in conformance with applicable state law and city ordinances. The city manager may, in his or her discretion, delegate the power to make and execute contracts on behalf of the city, that do not exceed the amount at which competitive bids are required by state law, to city department heads and to the assistant city manager under the terms and conditions set forth by ordinance. All contracts, irrespective of dollar amount must be reviewed and approved by the city attorney. The city attorney may delegate the responsibility to review and approve contracts on behalf of the city to a licensed attorney in the city attorney’s office under terms and conditions approved by the city manager and the city council.
(Section 6.07 amended by Ord. 75-30, passed 5-27-1975; Ord. 87-53, passed 8-3-1987; Ord. 88-42, passed 6-6-1988; Ord. 92-55, passed 10-19-1992; Ord. 2001-51, passed 12-3-2001; Ord. 2004-8, passed 4-5-2004; Ord. 2011-15, passed 6-20-2011; Ord. 2017-31, passed 7-24-2017; Ord. 2021-17, passed 6-14-2021)