Subdivision 1. The city manager controls and directs the administration of the city’s affairs. The manager has the powers and duties set forth in the following subdivisions:
   Subdivision 2. The city manager is responsible for the enforcement of this charter, the laws, ordinances and the resolutions of the city.
   Subdivision 3. The city manager controls all city administrative departments and divisions created by this charter or by the council.
   Subdivision 4. The city manager must attend all meetings of the council, unless excused by the council, and can take part in the discussion but cannot vote. The council can exclude the city manager from any meeting at which the city manager’s removal is considered.
   Subdivision 5. The city manager recommends to the council all matters the city manager considers necessary for the welfare of the people and the efficient administration of the city’s affairs.
   Subdivision 6. The city manager must fully advise the council on the financial condition and needs of the city. The city manager must prepare and transmit an annual budget to the council.
   Subdivision 7. The city manager must prepare and transmit to the council for adoption an administrative code incorporating the details of administrative procedure, and from time to time the city manager must recommend amendments to the code, as necessary.
   Subdivision 8. The city manager performs all other duties that are required by this charter or by law or ordinances or resolutions adopted by the council.
(Section 6.02 amended by Ord. 88-51, passed 7-25-1988; Ord. 2004-8, passed 4-5-2004; Ord. 2011-15, passed 6-20-2011)