The city manager is the chief administrative officer of the city. The council must choose the manager solely on the basis of training, experience, and administrative qualifications. The manager need not be a resident of the city at the time of appointment. The manager is appointed for an indefinite period and can be removed by the council at any time; but after serving as manager for one year, the manager can demand charges in writing and a public hearing by the council before the date when removal takes effect. After the hearing, if one is demanded, the council can either reinstate the manager or make the removal final. Pending the hearing and removal, the council can suspend the manager from office. The council can designate some properly qualified person to perform the duties of the manager during absence or disability or while the office of manager is vacant.
(Section 6.01 amended by Ord. 88-51, passed 7-25-1988; Ord. 2004-8, passed 4-5-2004)