The council must meet on the first business day on or after the first Monday of January following a regular municipal election at its usual place and time of meeting. Thereafter, the council meets at the times each month as are prescribed by ordinance or resolution. The mayor or any three councilmembers can call special meetings after giving the required open meeting law notice to each councilmember. Notice for a special meeting also must be posted at the city hall before the meeting according to special meeting requirements of the state open meeting law. Notice to councilmembers must be delivered to each member, or left at the member’s residence with a responsible person. All council meetings are public, except those which by law can be made nonpublic. Any person can have access at reasonable times to the minutes and records of public meetings. Data made accessible must comply with data practices laws.
(Section 3.01 amended by Ord. 88-51, passed 7-25-1988; Ord. 2004-8, passed 4-5-2004; Ord. 2022-36, passed 7-11-2022)