§ 3.13 TIED VOTES.
   The must resolve a tie .
   (a)   Notice to candidates with tied votes. The must notify all candidates with tied votes that the tie will be resolved . This notice must be sent at least one hour prior to resolving the tie . The notice must be sent through a medium that would generally be capable of reaching a person within the one-hour period, such as face-to-face, a fax, an email, an instant message, a text, a video chat, a telephone call, or a voicemail. The is not required to confirm that the notice is received by a candidate before resolving a tie . A tie may be resolved even though some or all of the candidates who have tied votes are not present.
   (b)   Witnesses. The resolving of the tie must be witnessed by two election judges who are members of different major political parties.
   (c)   Video. The resolving of a tie shall be recorded through any audio and visual recording technology.
   (d)   Media. The shall allow the media to view the resolution of a tie .
(Ord. 2021-8, passed 4-26-2021)