This appendix contains the various fees adopted by ordinance in the listed sections of the City Code.
Chapter 1:  Interpretation and Enforcement of the City Code
§ 1.19(d)
Administrative assessment charge for assessment of civil fines for property-related violations
Chapter 2:  Administration
§ 2.85.05(e)(2)
Application fees for interpretation appeal
Chapter 5:  Public Facilities and Property
§ 5.18(b)(1)
Transfer service charge for sale or conveyance of a lot or niche.
§ 5.18(b)(2)
Sale or conveyance of lot or niche to city.
$50.00 or original price paid, whichever is greater
Chapter 9:  Housing Opportunity and Preservation
§ 9.09(a)
Verified payment in lieu rate of affordable units
$9.60 per square foot
§ 9.11(c)
Affordable housing assistance for developers
$10.00 per unit (but no more than $1,000.00 total)
Chapter 10:  Environmental Control
§ 10.17(d)
Delinquent accounts administrative assessment charge
§ 10.40(b)
Administrative assessment charge for assessment of weeds and brush
§ 10.40(c)
Inspection charge for weeds and brush
Chapter 16:  Storm Water Management, Storm Utility, and Wetlands
Stormwater aeration permit - initial application
Stormwater aeration permit - renewal
(Ord. 2020-40, passed 11-23-2020; Ord. 2021-19, passed 6-14-2021)