The following words and terms when used in this Article III shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
   BONDS.  The conduit revenue bonds issued by the the proceeds of which are loaned to the to finance the acquisition, construction, and equipping of the and related costs including but not limited to, payment of costs of issuing the bonds, funding reserves, payment for credit support, and payment of initial operating costs of the , and any bonds issued to refund any bonds.
   ENTERTAINMENT FACILITY. Any facility for which persons pay money in order to be admitted to the premises and to be entertained including, but not limited to, theaters, recreational facilities, and sporting venues.
   HOTEL. The furnishing, for consideration, of lodging  at a hotel, motel, rooming house, tourist court, or resort and the granting of any similar license to use real property other than the licensing or leasing thereof for a continuous period of 30 days or more.
   ISSUER.  The Arizona Industrial Development Authority and any other state, political subdivision of a state, or other governmental unit or constituted authority that issues .
   OPERATOR. The person who is the proprietor of the or establishment providing the lodging, food and beverages, entertainment, or other taxable transactions whether in the capacity of , lessee, sublessee, licensee or any other capacity as an operator.
   OWNER.  Provident Group - Old Met Properties, Inc. and any successors or assigns.
   PLACE OF REFRESHMENT.  As defined herein and by Resolution 2019-162, to be any premises location where alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, or food items are sold at retail for consumption at or near the premise or location. A PLACE OF REFRESHMENT includes but is not limited to, bars, saloons, clubs, pubs, coffee houses, dance clubs, teen centers, concession stands, sidewalk vendors, and any combination thereof.
   RECREATION FACILITY. A place designed and equipped for the conduct of sports, leisure time activities and other customary and usual recreation activities. 
   RESTAURANT. As defined herein and by Resolution 2019-162, to be an establishment engaged in the preparation and on-site retail sale of readily consumable food and beverages, and characterized by sit down table, counter or drive through service to customers. A RESTAURANT includes, but is not limited to, a coffee shop, cafeteria, fine dining, bar, fast food, take out, drive-in or sandwich stand serving food, licensed brewpub, and all other eating or drinking establishments.
   SPECIAL AREA TAXES. The special taxes imposed and collected in accordance with the terms of § 4.42 of Article III and Article IV.
   SPECIAL TAXES PLEDGE AGREEMENT. The Special Taxes Pledge Agreement between the city and the or the , or both, under the terms of which the city will impose and collect the and transfer such revenues to the for the purposes of paying debt service or funding reserves with respect to the .
   SPECIAL TAXING DISTRICT. Those parcels contained in Tax Increment Districts No. 1-C and 1-G in the City of Bloomington, which are collectively roughly bounded by Killebrew Drive, Minnesota Highway 77, American Boulevard/vacated 79th Street, and 24th Avenue South/Hennepin County Road 1, and depicted below:
   TRUSTEE.  The financial institution with trust powers that acts as trustee with respect to the , and any successor or assign.
   WATERPARK.  A water recreation themed facility located within the and including one or more wave pools, waterslides, lazy rivers, locker room facilities, related facilities, and related site improvements.
(Ord. 2019-42, passed 11-12-2019)