(a)   Filing. A person seeking a permit required by Article X must file a signed and completed application with the on the forms provided. Applications must be filed at least 60 days prior to the .
      The may waive the minimum filing period for good cause shown if, after due consideration of the date, time, place and nature of the , the anticipated number of participants, and the city services required in connection with the , it is determined that the waiver will not adversely impact the public health, safety or welfare.
   (b)   Contents. The application for a permit under this Article X must include the following information:
      (1)   The name, address, electronic mail address, and telephone number of the applicant;
      (2)   The names, addresses, electronic mail addresses, and telephone numbers of the owner of the land upon which the is to be conducted and the name of the person within that organization responsible for the ;
      (3)   A letter of authorization from the property owner, if different from the applicant;
      (4)   The names, addresses, electronic mail addresses, and telephone numbers of the persons who will act as the manager(s) responsible for the ;
      (5)   The date and hours when the will start and terminate, including set-up and teardown times;
      (6)   A description of the planned activities, including the approximate number of vendors and the approximate number of customers and guests reasonably anticipated;
      (7)   A site plan depicting the location of the that includes loading or unloading areas, vendor stand locations, parking areas, gathering and seating areas, tents, stages, platforms, temporary structures, tables, booths, first-aid or relief stations, dumpsters, fencing, portable toilets, signs or banners and a parking, pedestrian circulation and traffic plan;
      (8)   A description of any sound amplification equipment and its positioning, and other mechanical or electronic equipment to be used in connection with the and the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any sound technicians for the ;
      (9)   A description of any public facilities or equipment to be utilized;
      (10)   A description of the applicant's plan to clean up and restore the site;
      (11)   Vendor information. For each vendor the following information must be supplied:
         (A)   Business or vendor name;
         (B)   Description of goods to be sold;
         (C)   Vendor type (i.e., , , cottage food vendor, retail food vendor, , plant vendor, vendor of service, etc.);
         (D)   A description of how vendors who intend to provide food samples or food demonstrations will comply with M.S. § 28A.151; and
         (E)   Applications for required city licenses related to vendor type; and
      (12)   Such other information as the requires in order to make a fair determination as to whether or not a permit should be issued.
(Ord. 2019-4, passed 1-7-2019)