§ 14.701  DEFINITIONS.
   ARTS AND CRAFTS FESTIVAL. An association of two or more art vendors or who assemble at a defined location primarily for the purpose of selling directly to the consumer their arts or crafts.
   ART VENDOR. Art, as used in this chapter, are those items which are handmade and sold only by the creator of the item or the creator's designated seller. Art items shall include, but are not limited to: handmade baskets, glassware, jewelry, macramé, needlework, painted clothing, paintings, pottery, rugs, wooden toys or carvings, and other similar items.
   FOOD SERVICE VENDOR. A vendor who sells foods prepared for immediate consumption at the festival and who is licensed according to Minnesota law or city ordinance.
   HANDICRAFTS. Non-food products that are substantially made or crafted by hand, where any materials used for crafting a product must be significantly altered or enhanced by the handicraft producer and handcrafted components must functionally and/or aesthetically dominate any non-handcrafted (commercial) components.
   HANDICRAFT (CRAFT) VENDOR. A vendor who produces , who has control over the means and methods of production and who assumes the principal financial and liability risk for the production enterprise.
   ISSUING AUTHORITY. The City of Bloomington License Section, Building and Inspection Division, Environmental Services Division or City Fire Marshal.
   SECONDHAND GOODS. As defined in § 14.422 of this code.
   VENDOR OF SERVICES. A vendor who provides a service intended for immediate consumption including, but not limited to, chair massage and face painting.
(Ord. 2019-4, passed 1-7-2019)