No person shall commit any of the following acts within a :
   (a)   Fight.
   (b)   Engage in disorderly conduct.
   (c)   Smoke or vape.
   (d)   Urinate or defecate.
   (e)   Race, on foot or with equipment.
   (f)   Obstruct the free passage of others.
   (g)   Sit or lie on floors, stairs, or skyway fixtures or elements.
   (h)    or throw or deposit any cans, bottles, garbage, or other trash or rubbish.
   (i)   Ride any wheeled apparatus, such as a skateboard, rollerboard, rollerblade, bike, or similar device. This prohibition does not apply to strollers or mobility assistance devices.
   (j)   Place unpermitted art, markings, or drawings on the walls or fixtures of the skyway system.
   (k)   Damage the skyway system or any of its fixtures or elements.
   (l)   Prop open locked doors or defeat, remove, or damage doors, locks, or video cameras or systems
   (m)   Play or operate a phone, radio, loud speaker, other device used for the amplification of sound, or musical instrument, in a manner audible above the level of conversational speech.
   The City must post signs in public pedestrian bridges and skyways notifying the public of the code of conduct. 
(Ord. 2018-38, passed 12-17-2018)