The provisions of this Article III shall be effective 30 days after publication for all new construction. All existing buildings within the city must be in compliance with its terms within one year of its effective date. It shall be the duty of the Director of Community Development of the City or the Director’s designee to notify owners or occupants of unnumbered or incorrectly numbered buildings of the proper number therefor and of the requirements of this Article III, and to enforce the provisions of this Article III. Failure to comply with an order to correct conditions issued by the Director or the Director’s designee will constitute a misdemeanor. In addition, any provisions of this Article III may be enforced by injunction or other appropriate civil remedy.
(1958 Code, § 21.26)  (Added by Ord. 104, passed 4-1-1957; repealed and new Article added by Ord. 129, passed 1-27-1958; Ord. 2002-2, passed 1-14-2000)