(a)   One hundred numbers shall be assigned to each block of approximately 660 feet north and south. In all instances where a numbered street is platted or opened the first building lot south of said numbered street on the west or westerly side of the avenue or road shall be numbered with the number of the intersecting number street and the two additional digits zero zero. The first building lot on the east or easterly side shall be numbered with the numbers of the intersecting number street, and the two additional digits zero one. The additional digits to be added to all building lots south of the first two shall be computed on the basis of two numbers for each 25 feet of frontage.
   (b)   In all instances where there is no intersecting numbered street, the numbers shall be assigned as above, based on the theoretical intersection point of the numbered street.
(1958 Code, § 21.06)  (Added by Ord. 104, passed 4-1-1957; repealed and new Article added by Ord. 129, passed 1-27-1958)