Additional requirements for business and off-street parking areas are set forth in § 21.301.06 of this code.
   (a)    shall be limited to the maximum width necessary to safely and efficiently accommodate the expected traffic demand and vehicle type, consistent with the intended use. The number of curb cuts shall be limited to those necessary to provide adequate access, as supported by the expected traffic demand for the site. The number width and location of all shall be approved by the City Engineer or designee.
   (b)   All business and/or parking lot approaches must be paved with portland cement concrete or equivalent paving material such as approved by the issuing authority.
   (c)   Loading docks, ramps and vehicular entrances must be located in such a manner that backing onto and maneuvering within the street right-of-way is avoided or eliminated.
   (d)   The slope, measured at the centerline of the driveway, must not exceed 6% within 20 feet of the approach to a public street. Slopes across sidewalks must not exceed ADA requirements of 1:50 or 2%.
(1958 Code, § 23.14)  (Ord. 93, passed 12-17-1956; Ord. 65-49, passed 8-2-1965; Ord. 66-15, passed 2-28-1966; Ord. 2006-54, passed 12-18-2006; Ord. 2010-7, passed 3-22-2010)