In addition to the rules, regulations and specifications promulgated by the City Engineer with respect to , the following requirements shall be complied with.
   (a)   No curb cuts normal to the right-of-way shall be made beyond any property line as projected, except when consent in writing by the adjoining property owner involved.
   (b)   The top of the paving of the slab at the curbline shall be one and five-eighths inches above the flowline of the gutter, and shall not extend into the gutter beyond the face of the curb, and shall not be constructed in a manner that will in any way interfere with or obstruct the drainage of the street, or interfere with the use of the street for the purpose of travel.
   (c)   The owner and contractor shall protect the public from injury or damage during the construction of and it is herein stipulated, as an essential condition of the issuance of a permit, that the city shall not be liable for damage which may arise from the prosecution of work.
(1958 Code, § 23.11)  (Ord. 93, passed 12-17-1956; Ord. 2010-7, passed 3-22-2010)