(a)   Whenever a request is made by the owner of a permit or his or her representative, exclusive of a sign permit, for a refund of a fee for a permit issued under the terms of this Article IX, the City Manager shall refund 50% of such permit fee provided that one of the following conditions exists:
      (1)   That a contractor has purchased such permit in anticipation of installing certain work and that subsequently such contract has been awarded to another person;
      (2)   That the owner of the property for which the permit was issued has secured such permit and the contractor who was to perform such work has failed to do the work through no fault of the owner;
      (3)   That duplicate permits have been issued for the same installation;
      (4)   That the property owner has secured such permit and has subsequently moved to a different locale because of a change in his or her place of employment; or
      (5)   That the permit secured is not the proper permit for the installation or work desired to be done.
   (b)   All such applications for refunds must be made within 60 days of the initial issuance of the permit and no application for a refund may be granted after such period of time has elapsed.
(1958 Code, § 60.01C) (Added by Ord. 201, passed 9-8-1959; Ord. 2022-40, passed 8-29-2022)