Whenever a request is made by the owner or representative of a licensee of the city for a refund of a license fee issued under the provisions of this Article IX, the City Manager shall refund to such licensee or his or her representative a pro rata portion of such license fee to be determined by deducting from the total license fee, an amount equal to one-fourth of said license fee for each quarter year or a fraction thereof, for which such license was issued, provided that the termination of such license and the request for such refund was caused by one or more of the following factors, to-wit:
   (1)   Physical or adjudicated mental incapacity rendering the licensee incapable of operating the licensed business, provided that the cause of such incapacity occurred or commenced after the issuance of the license;
   (2)   Death of the licensee; or
   (3)   Change of status of the city or change of ordinance or statutory requirements making continued operation of the licensed activity impossible.
(1958 Code, § 60.01B) (Added by Ord. 201, passed 9-8-1959)